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Thanks again for assisting us through this. I’ve had some fantastic feedback from the team about the course. It was really well executed and provided the team the opportunity to reflect on the way we currently do things and they are now keen to work through introducing some changes to our methodology – great outcome! A few of the more vocal team members will be forming a working group to get started on developing our standards and implementing them across the teams which is a great step forward for us. I’m really pleased to see that it hasn’t just been another training course for us and that we are looking to transfer the skills moving forward.
Lynette Redward
I found completing the Diploma to be an effortless activity, which is a credit to the people at IPM. As well as studying, I worked full time, have a young family and participated in a sporting group. This did not provide me with a lot of spare time to complete the course. Some of benefits of studying through IPM were: the contemporary course outline established; the helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful teachers who were happy to assist day or night; projects I had completed at work could be used as a basis for some of my course projects; and the majority of the information I learnt through the course was directly associated with my work. I definitely feel I have gained greatly in the workplace from completing this course and could not have been more grateful for the opportunity.
Joe Dale, Dip PM
I decided to study the online Diploma of Project Management with IPM to enhance my practical project management experience with an accredited, theory based course. The online materials explained concepts clearly and thoroughly, with supplementary readings easily accessible. The course was structured in way that allowed me to self-manage my study, and complete the course at my own pace.The support provided to me by my mentor was excellent. Kath was very responsive and always willing to explain concepts that I required further assistance with. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to people looking to build upon their practical project management skills.
Kendell Seeliger, Dip PM
I would highly recommend the Diploma of Project Management online course provided by IPM. The training was inspirational, well structured and intuitive. Friendly guidance from a dedicated experienced mentor, and the required tools were always readily available. I felt I could immediately implement my newfound knowledge in my workplace, increasing efficiency. It also came in handy at home!
Nathan Sharp, Dip PM
The whole program was professional from start to the finish and the trainers were excellent in helping me to understand how to effectively use the learnings into my workplace.
Yahya Assiri, CPP
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