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  • A Certified Project Officer (CPO) is a fundamental contributor to any project team. They have been examined on at least 30 hours of project management study, and can employ project management knowledge in a wide variety of settings, taking responsibility for their own work performance.

    Certified Project Officer (CPO)

  • A Certified Project Professional (CPP) applies contemporary project management tools, techniques and methods to the unique context of each project they undertake. They identify and respond proactively to project risks, opportunities and issues, keeping stakeholders fully informed throughout.

    Certified Project Professional

  • A Certified Project Master (CPM) is a project leader and innovator. They have been independently assessed against a broad range of project management competencies, and can apply a suite of specialised technical and managerial skills to initiate, plan, execute and evaluate their own project work and the work of others.

    Certified Project Master (CPM)

  • A Certified Project Director (CPD) has the proven ability to lead multiple, complex projects, programs and portfolios of work. They make high-level autonomous decisions and use initiative and judgement to navigate a diverse range of activities that span functions, organisations, regions and cultures.

    Certified Project Director (CPD)

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MS Project Professional 2016

Exclusive offer to IPM students

MS Project 2016A 12 month licence to Microsoft Project Professional 2016 retails for US$360 or AU$504.

As an exclusive offer to Institute of Project Management students, it is now included for free in your certification or qualification enrolment.

With the Certified Project Officer (CPO) program costing only US$250 (with no additional course, membership or subscription fees), what are you waiting for?



Our graduates are not just good at tests – they are job ready

The Institute of Project Management (IPM) is accredited by the Australian government (RTO 60154) to deliver the following qualifications:

Australian Qualifications Framework

Our qualifications introduce the only AQF accredited curriculum aligned to the project lifecycle (as opposed to knowledge areas or units of competency).

Not only does this intuitively reflect how projects are delivered in the real world; it significantly streamlines your assessment.

Taken together with our exclusive unlimited, on-demand project mentor support, our graduates are not just good at tests – they are job ready.

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Interactive, engaging and entertaining

  • Are you responsible for leading change?

    Perhaps you’re tasked with innovating new approaches or products, reducing costs, growing the business or spearheading disruption?

    Whatever the conditions for change, the biggest task lies with you.

    Leading Change

  • In this course, we introduce the best-practice principles of project management in the context of the project lifecycle: from initiation through planning, delivery and close.

    These domains of project knowledge and application are consistent with the proven theories of PRINCE2 and PMBOK; industry specific methodologies such as Agile; as well as other well known project management frameworks and guidelines.

    Introduction to Project Management

  • A business case captures the reasoning for initiating a project or task.

    The logic of the business case is that, whenever resources such as money or effort are consumed, they should be in support of a specific business need.

    So why do so many businesses get it horribly wrong?

    The Bullet-Proof Business Case

  • What is more valuable in the long run - a project manager or a project leader?

    Project leadership means using your skills, experience, confidence, and good reputation to take charge of the project team, your customer, and sometimes even the senior leadership in your organisation, and drive – not manage – them toward a successful conclusion.

    Leading Successful Projects

  • Our beginner to advanced Microsoft Project Masterclasses can be delivered on the 2010, 2013 and 2016 platforms either in our own labs or your workplace.

    In additional to demonstration files and comprehensive learning notes, we can also provide full software licences to participants, allowing them to take the learning home.

    Microsoft Project – All Versions

  • A contract usually only protects the rights of parties in worst case scenarios.

    This course shows how to proactively manage contractual relationships so that agreed outcomes are efficiently achieved, without recourse to legal remedy.

    Contracts & Procurement

  • Although the theory is largely the same, the practice of project risk management is significantly different to that of general (or business-as-usual) risk management.

    In this course, we consider risk within the triple constraints of scope, time and cost, while leveraging the same to realise unplanned opportunities.

    Managing Project Risk

  • As the name suggests, a Steering Committee helps to steer a project through from start to completion.

    Although in practice the role is complex, its principle purpose is to ensure the project and any changes that need to be made stay true to the objectives of the performing organisation.

    Steering, not Rowing

  • Forensic project management is the investigation, analysis and synthesis of the key elements of scope, schedule, budget and related human factors to understand and explain the root cause of project management failure or success.

    Applied to project reviews, it enables a new level of rigour in gathering evidence to determine the status of the project and derive recommendations.

    Forensic Project Review

  • The internationally renowned IPM colloquia bring together proven project and program management experts from all around the world to speak on issues of relevance to our profession today.

    These events are often linked to regional tours of high profile projects, giving participants a peek behind the curtains at some of the world’s most famous and successful projects today.

    Colloquia & Study Tours

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Your virtual project management office

A project management office (PMO) is an essential business unit for any organisation delivering multiple, diverse projects or programs of work.

Successfully implemented, a PMO connects people, projects, programs and portfolios in a way that enables better project decision making and assures quality outcomes.

More than a methodology, software or process, a PMO leads a culture of efficient and effective project delivery in organisations.

IPM’s virtual project management office – vPMO® – is the optimal solution for organisations that lack the resources, capability or scale to deliver the suite of benefits that a traditional PMO might offer.

Just like a standard PMO, our service creates a range of efficiencies and improvements for organisations, including the ability to better identify and manage:

  • Project decisions
  • Program intelligence
  • Consistent processes
  • Strategic alignment
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Risks, issues and stakeholders
  • Key person dependencies
  • Quality outcomes
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Project management news, practice and thought leadership

  • 12 months unlimited, on-demand mentor support for YOUR projects, programs and events.

    Do you work as a sports administrator / manager?

    Are you good at what you do, but would like to get better at how you do it?

    The Institute of Project Management has a limited number of opportunities for aspiring and innovative industry professionals to sharpen their project, program and event leadership skills through a bespoke mentoring program.

    Mentoring for Sports Administrators, Managers & Leaders

  • If it does nothing else, proactive risk management allows projects and organisations to build resilience to events without becoming defensive or static.

    Here's a ‘thought bubble’ on how – through adaptive resilience – project managers can balance the tension between the needs to simultaneously take and avoid risk.

    Adaptive Resilience

  • Deakin University, through Deakin Digital, provide independently verified, evidence-based employability credentials for the development of high performing organisations.

    IPM's certifications align to Deakin Digital's credentials and may, in some circumstances, be co-awarded.

    Deakin Digital Partnership

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Don’t just take our word for it…

    Excellent. Loved it. I would love to progress to a Dip PM. Also – fantastic to meet and learn from smart people. Well done Derek (trainer)!

    Bonnie Tuttle
    Member and Corporate Liaison / Volunteering Tasmania

    I am very pleased to recommend IPM as a quality training provider and project management consultancy. For the past 18 months, the Institute of Project Management (IPM) has been working... Read More

    I am very pleased to recommend IPM as a quality training provider and project management consultancy.

    For the past 18 months, the Institute of Project Management (IPM) has been working closely with Flinders Council, providing training, mentoring and project support, as well as consultancy services as required, which attests to their industry  currency.

    IPM staff, including their trainers, Paul Muller and Kath Wilson, have been instrumental in delivering training outcomes for Council staff that have had significant positive impact on Council’s business, including:

    • staff that are competent project managers
    • ongoing mentoring support to learners (staff), both face-to-face, online and via phone
    • identification of learning styles and appropriate flexibility in training delivery
    • a willingness to contextualise training other resources to meet our needs

    Flinders Council finds IPM to be innovative and dynamic in their approach to project management and remain responsive to emerging business and training needs.

    From a client’s perspective, IPM have been easy to work with. They have taken time to develop positive rapport with Council staff and have always been willing to talk through and discuss any concerns and/or questions in relation to project management, taking a genuine interest in developing the capacity of the Council.

    In my opinion, and as experienced by Flinders Council staff, learners undertaking qualifications in project management from IPM will benefit greatly and increase the capacity of their employers to manage a host of business needs, identify opportunities and manage resources.

    Raoul Harper
    General Manager / Flinders Council

    Good mix of theory and practical; Ian (trainer) engaged team very well – build DM culture.

    Alexandra Garrott
    Assoc Director - HR Services, Workplace Relations and WHS / University of Tasmania

    The Institute of Project Management have developed their program in collaboration with Volunteering Tasmania to meet the specific needs of staff employed in the volunteering sector, particularly not-for-profit organisations. Program... Read More

    The Institute of Project Management have developed their program in collaboration with Volunteering Tasmania to meet the specific needs of staff employed in the volunteering sector, particularly not-for-profit organisations.

    Program delivery is flexible to suit as many volunteer involving organisations as possible, operating across a range of sectors and regions of Tasmania.

    We have worked with the team at the Institute of Project Management for several years on a number of different projects and can testify to the quality of the design and delivery of their services.

    We are happy to work with the Institute of Project Management to address the significant demand for project management knowledge and skills in the volunteer sector.

    Adrienne Picone
    Chief Executive Officer / Volunteering Tasmania

    I found completing the Diploma to be an effortless activity, which is a credit to the people at IPM. As well as studying, I worked full time, have a young... Read More

    I found completing the Diploma to be an effortless activity, which is a credit to the people at IPM. As well as studying, I worked full time, have a young family and participated in a sporting group. This did not provide me with a lot of spare time to complete the course.

    Some of benefits of studying through IPM were: the contemporary course outline established; the helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful teachers who were happy to assist day or night; projects I had completed at work could be used as a basis for some of my course projects; and the majority of the information I learnt through the course was directly associated with my work.

    I definitely feel I have gained greatly in the workplace from completing this course and could not have been more grateful for the opportunity.

    Joe Dale, CPM

    As a new TasWater employee – enjoyed opportunity to meet others in a non-threatening environment. Good reminder of values and leadership qualities. Great presenter, thanks Ian (trainer).

    Gayle Johnston
    Department Manager, Legal Services / TasWater
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