A project management office (PMO) is an essential business unit for any organisation delivering multiple, diverse projects or programs of work.

Successfully implemented, a PMO connects people, projects, programs and portfolios in a way that enables better project decision making and assures quality outcomes.

IPM’s virtual project management office – vPMO® – is the optimal solution for organisations that lack the resources, capability or scale to deliver the suite of benefits that a traditional PMO might offer.

Just like a standard PMO, our service creates a range of efficiencies and improvements for organisations, including the ability to better identify and manage:

  • Project decisions
  • Program intelligence
  • Consistent processes
  • Strategic alignment
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Risks, issues and stakeholders
  • Key person dependencies
  • Quality outcomes

Do you need vPMO?

vPMO need

How does vPMO work?


Getting started…

In introducing vPMO to your organisation, we first conduct a review of the attributes of your projects, programs and portfolios of work. This is done by interviewing your project teams, sampling the resources you currently use to deliver projects, and consulting key stakeholders both within and outside your enterprise.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your in-house systems, policies, and people we can not only identify procedural deficits and development opportunities, but we can also celebrate and leverage the successes you presently enjoy.

Project and program assets

One of the primary responsibilities of a project management office is to create, manage and maintain a common set of assets that support the delivery of projects. Building on the systems and processes that you currently use, we can streamline your in-house tools and templates.

Our extensive range of in-house and on-demand tools, partnerships and resources also means that we are not bound by a ‘preferred’ methodology, and can intimately respond to each and every challenge.


Admin support

The Institute of Project Management’s dedicated team of project administrators can relive the burden of data-entry and procedural compliance on your project teams by ensuring the consistent and accurate tracking of project performance in real time.

Not only does this free your staff up to get on with the real work of project delivery, it guarantees high-quality, and reliable data for decision making at all levels of the organisation. This service can also be offered as a stand-alone or temporary facility, independent of the full range of vPMO products.

Project and program mentoring

Mentoring can be highly beneficial to even experienced managers who appreciate the usefulness of talking through current and potential issues with an experienced peer in a confidential relationship.

Our mentoring is not instructional, in that we do not set out to direct or teach; rather we encourage people to learn for themselves. It is through sharing ideas that people become better able to make their own good decisions.


Quality assurance

Our experts provide independent oversight and assurance to the delivery of your projects and programs, guaranteeing optimal delivery of outputs and outcomes in every instance. Through vPMO, we provide frank and fearless, independent counsel that reconciles multiple sources of primary and secondary evidence. Our advice considers both the issue at hand and the constraints of environment.

We also regularly facilitate stakeholder presentations, and can assist organisations through periods of crisis or change with ongoing assurance, training and review.

Building a culture of project success

Ultimately, the purpose of vPMO mirrors that of the Institute of Project Management: to enable innovation. Unlike in traditional consultancies, where ‘experts’ do the job for you, our mission is to create a culture of project excellence that inevitably makes our services redundant.

Through regular engagement with and reporting to all the key project stakeholders in your organisation, we are constantly identifying needs, opportunities and talent that you can leverage and exploit for sustainable success.


Consultancy services

You do not have to subscribe to vPMO to take advantage of our full suite of consultancy services.

In addition to the vPMO offering, our team of project experts can support you and your organisation in any of the following ways:

  • Program and portfolio planning
  • Business analysis, process modelling and design
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Procurement lifecycle management
  • Economic modelling and analysis
  • Project and resource planning
  • Expert placement and secondment
  • Project governance, risk and compliance
  • Project and program audits
  • Forensic project reviews
  • Accredited training and professional development

How much does it cost?

We work with our clients in a number of capacities including on a negotiated hourly, daily or a fixed rate basis.

As the Institute of Project Management’s vPMO and consultancy services are wholly bespoke, we would love the opportunity to talk to you directly about your immediate and strategic needs.

Please feel free to contact us at any time in this regard!